The musician & songwriter

ENGLISH: Hay everyone! My name is Marco, left-handed bass player, songwriter and nature lover who grew up in the mountainous part of Switzerland, living in the capital city of Bern. Influenced by diffrent music styles as rock, metal, pop, progressive rock, folk & also the rugged landscape of my home area (i grew up 45min. away from the world famous Matterhorn) I feel connected to different genres. I have my own projects, but am also always in service for other national and international projects & artists. When I'm hired for other projects, I usually play bass, but in my own projects, I also play a lot of acoustic guitar and I sing. Let's get in touch, I'm looking forward to it!


Bass & more

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GERMAN: Als Bassist seit bald 28 Jahren in der Schweiz unterwegs, immer mal wieder auch im Ausland. Aktuell mit Oli Kehrli, meinem Soloprogramm und meiner Living Jukebox. In meiner Werkstatt feile ich derzeit an meinem zweiten Solo-Programm  Unterwegs gewesen mit:Jester`s Quest,Halunke, Stefanie Heinzmann, Aextra, SRF Songmates, Gymotion Band Hallenstadion, Roberto Brigante, Henä, Loten Namling, Grosi Grossenbacher, Trauffer, Kusi Jaun, 60s Club, u.v.m.